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Loyal and young yet infinitely dumb [entries|friends|calendar]

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Thirteen13.net [Posted on the 18th of October at 12am]

Hi there,

Not really a Honeymoon update i'm afraid but more Thirteen:13 (Wayne's previous band) related.

Alot of people have been trying to get hold of Thirteen:13's unreleased album "Deny Everything" and I am happy to advise that the complete album can now be found over at Thirteen13.net along with a couple of new unreleased demos (including the Thirteen:13 Reconcile demo) and most of the b-sides.

Enjoy :)

On a side note, Wayne will be playing in Camden in a couple of weeks, details of the gig can be found at www.f-shine.com (he is listed on the flier under the name "Boy Cry Wolf").

- Gavin
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[Posted on the 19th of December at 12am]

Hey kids,

Well, to be quite honest, I do not know what theHoneymoon is up to besides their tour ending last month. Does anyone have any details of any upcoming shows or anything?

Sorry, I'm just trying my best to keep this community alive. Oh, and is there anything I should change [anywhere throughout the community]? I can't seem to figure out to have the text box stop at a certain point down the page, [so the words do not cross over the background image]. Or maybe I can make the info page a bit nicer looking . . .

Anyway, take care all, and happy holidays!

Your mod, Tim :D
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[Posted on the 23rd of October at 12pm]

[ mood | Avenue Q OST ]

20 October 2004 Darren Hayes tour support

The Honeymoon have been confirmed as support on the forthcoming Darren Hayes tour in November...

15th Manchester Apollo (Sold Out)
16th Shepherds Bush Empire, London (Sold Out)
17th Shepherds Bush Empire, London
19th Nottingham Royal Centre (Sold Out)
20th Newcastle City Hall
21st Glasgow Academy
23rd Bristol Colston Hall
24th Southampton Guildhall
25th Wolverhampton Civic (Nearly sold out!)
27th Ipswich Regent

>They also have uploaded a camera phone gallery. You all should check it out. Later days.

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[Posted on the 13th of October at 01am]

05 OCTOBER 2004 - Iceland Airwaves festival

The Honeymoon return to the scene of their first live performance later this month...

Back in October 2003, Wayne and Thorunn appeared at the Airwaves Festival in Reykjavík as 'The Lovers'.

A year on, they return as The Honeymoon, performing on Saturday 23rd October as part of the 4 day festival (runs from 20th-24th).

Full details can be found at www.icelandairwaves.com, and although the official ticket & travel packages from the UK via IcelandAir are now sold out, you can still buy passes for the festival itself.

Other acts on the bill this year include Keane, Sahara Hotnights, The Shins, The Stills, yourcodenameis:milo and a whole host of Icelandic bands.

Pictures of The Honeymoon at the 2003 event can be found at www.jenyk.com - 'The Lovers / 10.16.2003'.
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[Posted on the 30th of September at 04pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

Well, the Honeymoon's official website hasn't been updated in a few weeks. For those who have not visited the website as of yet, here is a list of the sections:

| News / Includes updated news archives from when the website first started | Music / Includes lyrics to all songs on Dialogue, as well as brief stories behind them | Tour / previous tour dates, and whom they have toured with | Journal / Includes journal entries by Thournn and Wayne, such as the 5 albums each member listened to while making Dialogue; Also, types of guitars used in the making of Dialogue | Community / Includes link to theHoneymoon forum | Mailing List / Sign up for the mailing list to receive the latest news via email | Mobile / Instructions as to how to download ringtones, however there are non available at this time | Gallery / Includes most recent press photos |

Please make it a habit of checking the website in case of updates, or sign up for the mailing list. In any case, keep up the support for theHoneymoon and continue to promote this community!


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[Posted on the 17th of September at 07pm]

Welcome to Thehoneymoon community. Hopefully, those fans with eljays will join in supporting this community.

READY . . . AND . . . PROMOTE!

Your mod, Tim
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